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     PTG Admissions is a free medical school admissions advising service focused on providing quality and affordable assistance to pre-medical students applying to U.S. MD and DO programs. Our services include brainstorming and editing personal statements, primary applications, and supplemental essays. Furthermore, we assist students with application timeline accountability, the letters of recommendation process, and interview preparation. 
     The key to our model lies in enlisting successful, vetted applicants from recent application cycles; by doing so, we are able to offer free advising. Our advisors are able to provide the most cutting-edge, relevant advice in tackling the complex, ever-changing medical school application process. 

     PTG Admissions strives to make medical school and the application process accessible to all students, including low-income students, first generation applicants, re-applicants, nontraditional students, and everyday students. Our nonprofit’s underlying mission is to support students on their journey toward higher education, and we are proud to offer these services as a way to do so. 

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Meet the current Para Ti Global Advising team! To learn about Para Ti Global's entire team click here. You can request a specific advisor by emailing them directly.

Our Team

Dani Rizzo


Dani recently graduated from Pepperdine University in December 2021 with a Bachelors of Science in Biology. She participated in the 2021/2022 medical school application process for both allopathic and osteopathic schools. During her undergraduate studies, she was involved in an ecology research lab and assisted with dermatology research through the Mayo Clinic. She volunteered her time to free clinics, feeding the homeless, and raising money to give PPE to underserved schools during the pandemic. Being accepted into medical school, she is excited to aid others in reaching their goal of becoming a physician.


Elise La Mont

Advisor, Timeline and Set-Up Manager

Elise graduated from Pepperdine University in 2020 with a Bachelors of Science in Nutritional Science. While there, she was a member of a lab that focused on neurodegenerative diseases and nutrition and headed a soon-to-be-published study on the nutrigenomics of Alzheimer’s disease. She is currently a candidate for the M.S. in Medical Sciences at Boston University SoM and will complete her degree in 2023. 


Sandra Boustros


Sandra graduated from UCLA 2020 with a degree in Psychology. During her time at UCLA, she spent much of her time at UCLA's Pfleger's Liver Institute as a research assistant and clinical volunteer. While researching, she found her passion for exploring how social determinants of health affect patient outcomes and implementing solutions in the hospital to address this issue. Since graduating, she still continued her time working with the Mobile Clinic Project and as a medical assistant. She will be matriculating to medical school for the 2022-2023 year and wants to share all her tips and advice to others who are about to undergo the same process. 


Sophia R. Anderson

CEO of Para Ti Global

In the Admissions Department of Para Ti Global, Sophia uses her insight from applying to medical school to help manage operations.

Learn about Sophia at Para Ti Global's main site here.

Scott Anderson Portrait.jpeg

Scott T. Anderson, MD, PhD

Medical Director of Para Ti Global

Oversight of the Admissions Department

Dr. Scott Anderson MD, PhD offers oversight of Para Ti Global's Admissions Advising Department as an expert professional in medicine. Dr. Anderson received his undergraduate degree in anthropology at UC Berkeley, his Medical Degree at UT Southwestern University, specialized at Georgetown University, and received his PhD in medical anthropology at UC Berkeley. Additionally, Dr. Anderson is on clinical faculty as a medical professor at UC Davis Medical School.

Dr. Anderson does not provide any advising himself.


Luke T. Anderson, NREMT

President of Para Ti Global

In the Admissions Department of Para Ti Global, Luke manages employees and ensures execution of projects are properly carried out. Learn more about Luke at Para Ti Global's main site here.

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