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     PTG Admissions is a free medical school admissions advising service focused on providing quality and affordable assistance to pre-medical students applying to U.S. MD and DO programs. Our services include brainstorming and editing personal statements, primary applications, and supplemental essays. Furthermore, we assist students with application timeline accountability, the letters of recommendation process, and interview preparation. 
     The key to our model lies in enlisting successful, vetted applicants from recent application cycles; by doing so, we are able to offer free advising. Our advisors are able to provide the most cutting-edge, relevant advice in tackling the complex, ever-changing medical school application process. 

     PTG Admissions strives to make medical school and the application process accessible to all students, including low-income students, first generation applicants, re-applicants, nontraditional students, and everyday students. Our nonprofit’s underlying mission is to support students on their journey toward higher education, and we are proud to offer these services as a way to do so. 

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Meet the current Para Ti Global Advising team! To learn about Para Ti Global's entire team click here. Use the email listed to be put in contact with the advisor.

Note: All team members are not presented below due to member request and turnover.

Our Team

2LT Aaron Dowdell


Aaron Dowdell, a 2LT in the Army from White Plains, NY, earned a BS from Fordham in 2012 and worked as a Physical Therapist Aide, Caterer, and Counselor at a camp for kids with Muscular Dystrophy before starting a Pre-med Post Baccalaureate Program in 2019, and while applying to medical school, he worked during the Covid pandemic as an EMT-B/ALS Driver, Nursing Assistant, ED Medical Concierge/Scribe, and Nasopharyngeal Covid Swabber, and his hobbies include gardening, hiking, motorcycling, scuba diving, and trying new foods.

2LT Juliana Pitzer


Juliana Pitzer, an aspiring Air Force physician with a family history of military service, graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Bioengineering from the University of Maryland College Park and worked as a civilian for the United States Army at the Command, Control, Computers, Communications, Cyber, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnoissance (C5ISR) Center as a general engineer, before embarking on Medical School.

2LT Robert Lee


Robert Lee completed his undergraduate degree in Physiology at the University of Arizona, where he had the opportunity to work with inspiring professors and colleagues that motivated him to pursue medicine, and he is now grateful for the chance to study at USUHS and excited to collaborate with others.

Dani Rizzo


Dani, a recent graduate from Pepperdine University with a B.S. in Biology, volunteered for various causes, conducted research in ecology and dermatology, and applied to medical schools in the 2021/2022 cycle with the hope of becoming a physician.

Sandra Boustros


Sandra, a UCLA Psychology graduate who discovered her passion for exploring the impact of social determinants of health on patient outcomes during her time as a research assistant and clinical volunteer at Pfleger's Liver Institute, will be starting medical school in 2022-2023 and hopes to share her experiences and advice with others going through the same process.

2LT Cecelia Peden


2LT Cecelia (Cece) Peden is a U.S. Army medical student pursuing an MD degree, who grew up in Philadelphia and joined Para Ti Global to help address inequities in the medical school application process.

2LT Paige Mitchell


Paige Mitchell is currently a medical student in the United States Army at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences and excited to support future medical school applicants through Para Ti Global.

2LT Tracy Lord


Tracy Lord, born in Belize City, Belize and raised in California, graduated from Stanford University in 2018 with a degree in Bioengineering, and is a vegan with varied interests such as hiking, painting, volunteering, and dancing, having developed a passion for cooking and baking, and is looking forward to pursuing her career as a military physician with the Class of 2026.

Elise La Mont

Advisor, Timeline and Set-Up Manager

Elise is a Boston University M.S. in Medical Sciences candidate who graduated from Pepperdine University with a B.S. in Nutritional Science and conducted research on neurodegenerative diseases and nutrition.

Scott T. Anderson, MD, PhD

Medical Director of Para Ti Global

Dr. Scott Anderson MD, PhD offers oversight of Para Ti Global's Admissions Advising Department as an expert professional in medicine.

2LT Emamoke Odafe


Emamoke Odafe, an MS1 at USUHS who played college basketball in Nigeria, graduated with a BSc in Biology from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro before becoming an EMT and pursuing a career in medicine, and enjoys running, hiking, music, movies, and food.

2LT Rachel Lee


Racheal Lee, a Maryland native and former student-athlete at Alderson Broaddus University, is now a medical student at the Uniformed Services University and excited to share her medical insights with Para Ti Global.

Cadel Brewer


Cadel Brewer, a former Firefighter/Paramedic from Detroit who earned his bachelor's degree in biology from Wayne State University, is currently an MS1 at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, hoping to use his straightforward approach to help future doctors matriculate into their school of choice.

Luke T. Anderson

President of Para Ti Global

In the Admissions Department of Para Ti Global, Luke works with the Vice President of Advising, to ensure the program is properly conducted.

Sophia R. Anderson

CEO of Para Ti Global

In the Admissions Department of Para Ti Global, Sophia uses her insight from applying to medical school to help manage operations.

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