PTG Admissions prides itself on its values which are exemplified though our business model. Para Ti Global helps youth pursue their education. Para Ti Global Admissions does this through three main ways.

How PTG Admissions helps

Why we hope you support us

Supports low-income and everyday students as they apply to medical school

PTG Admissions offers economical prices due to the way it operates. Thus, it is more affordable for low-income, everyday students. Additionally, through Para Ti Global, Financial Aid is available for those who cannot afford our pricing.

Provides jobs to students in debt as they work their way through medical school

PTG Admissions provides jobs to students in medical school who just went through the application process. As many know, medical school tuition is very expensive, so Para Ti Global is happy to provide jobs to these future doctors.

Income goes towards supporting youth as they pursue their education

Para Ti Global is a nonprofit organization that is tax-exempt. This means virtually all revenue goes towards helping youth pursue their education.