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Primary Application Plan

About this plan

In the primary application, you will have the opportunity to showcase all of your unique experiences that make you a desirable candidate for admission. It is important that you use this section to highlight your clinical, work, volunteer, and life experiences that demonstrate your readiness for a career in medicine. You will have a maximum of fifteen work/activities sections to describe in 700 characters. Three of these experiences can be marked as “most meaningful,” allowing you to elaborate with an additional 1,325 characters. It is difficult to distill your life’s accomplishments down to a few sentences each. PTG Admissions Advising is here to help you do so in a way that preserves the essence of your experiences within a powerful narrative. 


In our brainstorming session, you will have the opportunity to sit down with a previous, successful applicant and discuss the starting points in constructing your primary application work and activities section. Together, you will review your resume, important personal experiences, and any other helpful resources needed to begin drafting your primary application. Together, you will put together an outline to guide you through your first drafting process. 

First Draft Edit

After producing your first draft after outlining and brainstorming, you will send it to your peer advisor who will deep read your work and activities inputs and make his/her initial edits on tone, content, and word choice. After doing so, you two will meet again for 45 minutes to discuss the suggestions and implement necessary changes. After sharing his/her suggestions, you will spend some more individual time workshopping and fine tuning your primary application draft. 

Second Draft Edit

After incorporating your first draft edits, you will send your second draft to your peer advisor for further review. He/she will conduct another deep read to provide additional suggestions to make your primary application as concise and powerful as possible. The two of you will meet again for 45 minutes to deliberate any additional comments, and you will now transition into the finalization of your primary application. 

Third & Final Draft

After incorporating your second draft edits, you will send your final primary application draft to your peer advisor for a final review and analysis. If any minor adjustments are to be made, your advisor will make them known after an additional deep reading. You and your advisor will meet for a final sixty minute session in order to finalize your writing and ensure your work and activities.

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