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Secondaries Editing Plans

About this plan

After medical schools cross-country receive your GPA, MCAT score, and primary application, your medical school application will be verified. Shortly after, you will receive dozens of additional supplemental essays from individual schools wanting you to demonstrate your interest in their specific program, mission, and vision. It is important to convey your authentic interest and passion for each program you apply to by curating thoughtful and concise responses to these secondary essays. Your personal admissions advisor will ensure that you create high-quality responses in a timely manner; since medical school admissions decisions are released on a rolling basis, the faster you can submit these secondary responses, the better your chances of receiving interview invitations and eventual acceptances. 

Each package includes

In each package, an advisor will asynchronously deep read, edit, and discuss adjustments to your secondary applications. This package includes a brainstorming/informational session to prime you on how to approach your secondary applications, a “midway check-up” session to virtually review the first half of secondary applications with your peer advisor, and a final check-up” to review the final half of secondary applications for submission. 

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